Lunch & Learn

Zero Paradox

Please join us for our November Lunch & Learn as we continue to explore the Human Performance concepts, tools and techniques that Lewis Tree Service is applying to create safety in utility vegetation management. 

Date:  Wednesday, December 14

Time:  Noon ET // 30-45 minute talk // 10 minute Q&A 

Who:  Beth Lay, Director of Safety and Human Performance

In 2018, Lewis Tree Service had a goal of zero lost-time injuries. We accompanied that goal with the statement, “We believe that there is no reason why anyone should ever get injured on the job.” We soon discovered that these zero-tolerance goals were unachievable and demotivating.

Today, while we still track OSHA rates and monitor trends, we will discuss ways we monitor health and safety of our organization. In this session, we’ll introduce the “zero paradox” and discuss why the underlying logic of zero-injury safety targets can make safety worse especially in highly variable environments. And we’ll share how Lewis has adopted a “culture of learning” approach to create safety.

Reminder: The ISA is offering CEU credits to those who attend. It's the perfect way to continue your education and help meet recertification requirements!