Lunch & Learn

Reframing Risk as Uncertainty

Please join us for our July Lunch & Learn as we continue to explore the Human Performance concepts, tools and techniques that Lewis Tree Service is applying to create safety in utility vegetation management. 

Date:  Wednesday, July 20

Time:  Noon ET // 30-45 minute talk // 10 minute Q&A 

Who:  Beth Lay, Director of Safety and Human Performance

Have you ever conducted a traditional tree risk assessment, identified multiple risk factors (e.g., decaying base, dead limbs overhead, nearby power lines), and then asked yourself, “now what”? At Lewis, we had an “a ha” moment when we realized that the things that kill workers are not the things with the highest perceived risk but seem to be the things that are the most difficult to control.* In other words, the level of uncertainty or controllability is subjective and differs based on the length of service, depth of knowledge, risk tolerance, etc. of the individual.

In this session, we will share our views on organizational and personal risk tolerance. We will introduce methods and HuP tools like the Lewis Uncertainty Gauge to help manage uncertainty and uncover recurring patterns of risk. And we’ll discuss what we’ve learned about struck-by risk factors and some of the actions we’re taking to minimize struck-by incidents.

Reminder: The ISA is offering CEU credits to those who attend. It's the perfect way to continue your education and help meet recertification requirements! 

*Todd Conklin