Lunch & Learn

Maturity Model

Please join us for our September Lunch & Learn as we continue to explore the Human Performance concepts, tools and techniques that Lewis Tree Service is applying to create safety in utility vegetation management. 

Date:  Wednesday, September 21

Time:  Noon ET // 30-45 minute talk // 10 minute Q&A 

Who:  Beth Lay, Director of Safety and Human Performance

“Why do we keep having the same incidents over and over?” Have you ever had a company-wide incident review only to have a similar incident happen again a month later? At Lewis, we codeveloped a blueprint to breaking through a safety performance plateau. This approach focuses on applying the concepts of Resilience Engineering and Highly Reliable Organizing to the safety practices of utility vegetation management.

In this session, we will introduce an alternative paradigm that safety is achieved by managers and workers a) adapting to changing circumstances and b) learning from successful performance (i.e., what went right versus what went wrong). And we will provide some concrete examples of what resilient organizations look like among a variety of topics (leadership, strategy, frontline workers, work understanding, and more).

Reminder: The ISA is offering CEU credits to those who attend. It's the perfect way to continue your education and help meet recertification requirements!