Lunch & Learn

Action-based Learning Plans

This webinar is over! Thanks to all who attended. Want to watch a recording? Head over to our Webinars and Videos page found by clicking here. 

Please join us for our first Lunch & Learn of 2022 as we continue to explore the Human Performance concepts, tools and techniques that Lewis Tree Service is applying to create safety in utility vegetation management. 

Date:  Wednesday, January 19

Time:  Noon ET // 30 minute talk // 10 minute Q&A 

Who:  Beth Lay, Director of Safety and Human Performance

Have you ever guessed the height of a tree by using a stick as a measurement gauge? Better yet, have you competed with others to see whose guess was the closest? In this session, we will discuss how Lewis has fully integrated Human Performance learning into our weekly safety practices (i.e., action-based vs. formal training). And we'll share the structure and practices of our Learning Plan which includes storytelling, learning loops, safety drills, and more—while having some fun in the process! 

Reminder: The ISA is offering CEU credits to those who attend. It's the perfect way to continue your education and help meet recertification requirements!